Earn cash by choosing a smart commute!


incenTrip is a multimodal trip planning app that rewards points for each commute trip you plan and take during the a.m. and p.m. peak commuting times and log into the app. Washington area commuters can earn up to $10 after completing 10 trips – or save your points to earn $50. Rinse and repeat. It’s that simple! Up to $600 can be earned per calendar year. You must have a Commuter Connections account to earn cash – but don’t worry, registration is free and easy. Just click the button below to sign-up.

How can incenTrip help improve my commute?

incenTrip is a comprehensive trip planner that utilizes sophisticated technology to help commuters in the Washington metropolitan region find optimal commuting options. incenTrip provides four distinct services to commuters:

1.  Earn Cash for a Smart Commute. Each commute trip that is tracked and logged with incenTrip will earn you points. You’ll earn more points for trips that help reduce congestion and improve air quality – such as ridesharing, taking transit, or biking. The points you earn can be accumulated and redeemed for $10, $20, or $50 in cash. It’s basically like your standard credit card points program – except you don’t have to buy anything to earn rewards!

2.  Identify Multimodal Commute Options. Plan your trips with the best travel mode, departure time, and route that save time, cost, and fuel. Suggestions are based on traffic prediction and real-time data feeds.

3.  Avoid Traffic Delays. Utilizing sophisticated technology that can predict traffic jams, incenTrip will advise smart routing to drivers. incenTrip can help you avoid day-to-day congestion and traffic jams caused by traffic accidents, work zones, special events, and adverse weather conditions. You’ll receive alerts and alternative travel options in response to unusual incidents.

4.  Monitor Your Impact. Ever wonder about the environmental impact of your commute? incenTrip helps you track and understand your emissions from driving and even has personalized tips to help you become a better eco-driver based on your driving habits. If you don’t drive, incenTrip shows you how much you’ve earned in estimated fuel savings and how much pollution you’ve avoided generating.

Sound like something worth trying out?

Sign-up now for Commuter Connections and link your account to the incenTrip app, available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Your data is safe with us.

If you’re like us, you value your privacy and prefer your personal and travel information be kept secret. We have the same priorities: incenTrip is owned and operated by local grant-funded nonprofit organizations whose missions are to reduce congestion in the Washington region and to improve our air quality. Your information and data stored in incenTrip will remain completely private. It will never be sold or given to technology companies, advertisers, etc.

Participation Guidelines

Thirsty for more info? Check out our Participation Guidelines page.

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