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Description of Annual Awards Program

The Commuter Connections Annual Employer Recognition Awards Program recognizes employers who have voluntarily initiated programs that facilitate the use of alternative commuting methods such as transit, teleworking, carpooling/vanpooling and bicycling. These methods help to mitigate traffic congestion and provide for cleaner air through reduced auto emissions.

Eligible employer programs include those that marketed alternative commuting options, initiated a successful telework program, or provided incentives that make using alternative transportation modes easier and more attractive than driving alone. Applicants are evaluated and winners are chosen for their ability to offer measurable commuter benefits that reduce automobile fuel consumption and emissions through fewer vehicle trips and miles traveled. In addition, winners are selected for their altruistic policies that have improved the lives of their employees and the region.

Award Categories

Incentives Commuter incentives reward and encourage employees for taking alternative means of commuting. They also help to attract and retain employees. Incentives and commuter benefits can come in many forms such as transit and vanpool subsidies, pre-tax transit and vanpool passes and preferred or discounted parking for carpools and vanpools. Other incentives might include offering flex-time schedules or the provision of facilities and equipment such as showers and lockers for those who bike or walk to work, on-site amenities, free shuttle service or laptops for teleworkers.

Marketing Promoting the merits of ridesharing, transit and teleworking within a company is an essential part of a successful commuter program. Companies who educate and advocate alternative commuting options enjoy high employee participation rates in such methods. With knowledge of the available choices, employees are empowered to make well-informed decisions about better and smarter ways to get to work. They arrive less stressed and more able to start their productive day. Marketing of commuter information and available benefits clearly serves as an influential aspect behind helping to change commuter drive-alone patterns.

Teleworking Teleworking at home, or at a local telework center, allows employees to dramatically reduce or completely eliminate the time and money spent commuting to-and-from work, one or more days per week. For employers, savings may come in the form of reduced overhead such as office space costs and parking. In addition, telecommuting provides for lower absenteeism, higher productivity and helps businesses attract and retain qualified employees.

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