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Behind Metro’s diving ridership: A millennial exodus

Just as a new Metro study points to poor service as the key cause of its faltering ridership, an outside analysis paints a profile of the commuters most likely to abandon the system: millennials, the generation said to be killing everything from homeownership to driving…

Americans’ commutes keep getting longer, according to survey data

U.S. commuters spent an extra 2½ hours in transit last year, even though the average daily commute increased only about 18 seconds per trip, according to data from the Census Bureau’s newly released 2017 American Community Survey.

Business leaders warn that the Washington region’s inadequate bus system is stifling growth

A group of chief executives from the greater Washington region says deficiencies in bus service are holding back growth in the region.

Here’s a look at who’s using Northern Virginia’s 495 and 95 express lanes

Thousands of motorists are choosing to pay tolls to get ahead on the Washington region’s traffic-choked highways.

Will a taco discount get you to go car-free this week?

A regionwide effort to get you out of your car this week includes incentives such as raffle prizes, giveaways and $3 off a $10 online order at District Taco.