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Autonomous car tests coming to Express Lanes in Va.

Cutting-edge connected and autonomous cars are set to run through the 95 and 495 Express Lanes for the next three years, including while regular toll-paying drivers and carpoolers are in the lanes.

Toll lanes around entire Beltway, paying more for parking, massive Metro expansions proposed for study

Toll lanes could blanket the region’s highway; more roads could have reversible rush hour lanes; new bus-only lanes could be built, and Metro or the yet-to-be-built Purple Line could be extended — they’re all ideas from a regional long-range planning task force for massive regional…

Metro Safety Commission gets House approval, moves one step closer to becoming official

The House of Representatives voted Monday to approve the launch of a new safety commission to oversee the Washington Metro — one of the last legal steps necessary for the regulatory agency to become an official agency.

Study: DC among nation’s least driver-friendly cities

When it comes to driver-friendly cities across the United States, the nation’s capital, perhaps unsurprisingly, does not fare very well.

Fewer Metro riders are being forced off trains, documents show

The transit agency believes that to adequately improve reliability and bring back a significant number of riders, it has a long way to go.