Commuter Connections provides complimentary information on a host of commuter programs to assist in determining which commuting option works best for you.

The Ridesharing Program allows you to find out about others who live and work near you, have similar work schedules, and are interested in carpooling and/or vanpooling to and from work. Commuter Connections’ state-of-the-art ridesharing technology allows you to view an interactive and comprehensive list of all potential ridesharing partners in your area. Over 20,000 commuters rely on Commuter Connections to provide free up-to-the-minute ridesharing information at no cost.

Signing up for Ridesharing also allows you to use your account to pinpoint the closest transit stop to your home and work, closest park and ride lot, and closest telework center. Telework, bicycling, and walking information is also available through the Commuter Connections web site.

If you carpool, vanpool, use public transportation, or bicycle or walk to work two or more days a week, Commuter Connections will get you home in the event of an emergency as part of the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. GRH allows you peace of mind, and is regarded as an “insurance policy” in the event you experience an unexpected personal or family emergency or unscheduled overtime. Some restrictions apply, so be sure to read through the GRH program participation guidelines.

Looking for a short-term ridesharing option? Not interested in formally signing up for the Ridesharing Program? You can register with the Commuter Connections Bulletin Board and browse postings for other commuters who live in your jurisdiction and contact them about carpooling or vanpooling via e-mail.

Commuter Connections maintains a strict privacy policy. All personal information provided to Commuter Connections will remain confidential. Commuter Connections will never share or sell your information to outside organizations or company.