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Spring and Summer 2021 Metrorail Station Closures

An ongoing effort by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to improve deteriorating outdoor Metrorail platforms will cause several stations to temporarily close for reconstruction in 2021. According to a WMATA press release in October 2020, six Metrorail stations are anticipated to close for a portion of 2021.

The Arlington Cemetery and Addison Road stations will be closed for approximately three months, from February – May 2021. Silver Line trains will pass through the Addison Road construction site without stopping using a single track. Parking will be free at the Addison Road station. There will be no Blue Line rail service south of Rosslyn in Virginia as a result of the Arlington Cemetery station closure. The Yellow Line will serve all Metrorail stations south of Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, including Van Dorn Street and Springfield-Franconia.

During summer 2021, four Green Line Metrorail stations in Maryland will be closed for platform replacement and station renovation. These stations include West Hyattsville, Prince George’s Plaza, College Park – University of Maryland, and Greenbelt.

Alternative Travel Options

Free shuttle bus service will be provided during the Arlington Cemetery and Addison Road station closures. Metro shuttles and other convenient bus options are listed on the Metro webpage.

For those looking for alternatives to taking the Metro, there are several options available that can help you get around the region safely.

Commuters are encouraged to consider arranging formal carpools using the free Commuter Connections ridematching platform. New carpools comprised of three or more individuals may qualify for a maximum incentive of $130 for a 90-day period through the Commuter Connections ‘Pool Rewards program. An additional $100 may be awarded for carpools traveling along the I-66 corridor. Learn more at the ‘Pool Rewards webpage; scroll to the bottom for the “Pool Rewards for Carpools” section.

Commuters can also use Kiss & Ride lots or Park & Ride lots to form spontaneous casual carpools with the help of CarpoolNow. Carpool drivers picking up other passengers going to and from work can use the Commuter Connections CarpoolNow mobile app and will receive a $10 incentive payment per trip, up to $600 a year. Visit the CarpoolNow webpage to download the app. CarpoolNow works like other popular ride-hailing services, except the driver earns money commuting to and from work, and the passenger’s ride is free!

The free Guaranteed Ride Home program may provide free taxi rides to rescue commuters who are worried about how they’ll get home when an emergency arises. Rides are available Monday – Friday (excluding federal holidays) from 6 am – 10 pm. CLICK HERE to register and/or request a ride!

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  • WMATA’s Platform Improvement Project webpage
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