SmartBenefits® is a tax-free commute benefit companies can offer to employees in the Washington metropolitan area. The program currently allows a company to give up to $260 in tax-free transportation benefits to an employee each month. If the company qualifies, it can deduct the full cost of this popular benefit as a business expense.

SmarTrip card is a permanent, rechargeable fare card embedded with a computer chip that keeps track of the value of the card. Employers can load the value of tax-free commute benefits on to your account using SmartBenefits®.

SmartBenefits® is provided only to employers by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). For more information about sales office locations and transit and vanpool providers who accept SmartBenefits®, visit, or call them at (202) 962-1326.

Advantages of SmartBenefits®

• Employees receive an additional benefit they don’t have to declare as income
• Employers can use it as a recruiting or retention tool
• Employees have an easy way to pay transit fare without cash
• This is a simple program to administer— to eligible employees
• Employers can download tax-free commute benefit onto employees’ SmarTrip accounts.

How Commuter Connections Can Help Your Company Implement a SmartBenefits®Program

Survey employees to determine transit needs and preferences
• Help implement a SmartBenefits® program
• Provide information on possible additional commute options such as ridesharing subsidies, parking discounts, and financial incentives.

If you’re interested in receiving a SmartBenefits® brochure or if you have any questions, use our easy Employer Services Request Form or call us at 1-800-745-RIDE.

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