Employer Transit Benefit Services and Laws

How Commuter Connections Can Help Your Organization

• Identify employees’ home locations served by public transit
• Survey employees to determine their interest in public transit
• Provide bus and rail schedule and route maps
• Arrange for the implementation of SmartBenefits for your employees
• Arrange meetings with local public transit operators
• Assist in developing public transit support programs (Guaranteed Ride Home,SmartBenefits, etc.) and transit monitoring programs.

The Federal Transit Benefit
Employers that offer the transit benefit for their employees, either by direct subsidy or by pre-tax can currently provide up to $260 per month.

Assistance Programs and Laws
The District of Columbia implemented a Transit ordinance that requires employers who have 20 or more employees on site to provide transit benefits to their employees. For more information please visit

DC Commuter Benefits Law

For the District of Columbia’s ordinance itself, please visit
DC ACT 20-365

Commuter Choice Maryland

Commuter Choice Maryland is an incentive program that encourages Maryland employees to choose transit or vanpools instead of driving to work.

Certain local jurisdictions offer assistance to employers to provide a Transit benefit to their employees

SmartBenefits “Plus50” For Employees

The “Plus50” program will send a SmarTrip® card to an employer for their interested employees and works with the employer to load the free $50 benefit.