Live Near Your Work


For workers in the Washington, D. C. region, the old cliché “getting there is half the fun” hardly applies. In fact, the distance traveled to and from work and the time it takes is a primary complaint for area employees. Highly skilled employees drawn to the Washington region because of the enormous professional opportunities are faced with a serious work-life balance challenge. When getting to and from work is a major obstacle to professional satisfaction and a content workforce, all possible solutions should be considered for employees and employers alike.

The Live Near Your Work (LNYW) initiative is designed to do just that – help employers find solutions to their ‘ employees’ commuting woes. The LNYW initiative has consolidated regional housing information into the online Employer’s Resource Guide. This tool highlights various housing programs and resources available for the Washington area workforce and aims to assist employees with moving closer to their work locations. This guide also provides a list of flexible commuting options available through Commuter Connections. Used in tandem, employers have a number of ways to provide the information workers need to make the possibility of an easier commute a reality. Working with your internal staff, your employees and Commuter Connections to find and execute the right fit for your employees makes everyone feel “more connected” and can be a real benefit to your bottom line. Together, LNYW and employers can create real and lasting solutions to employees commuting woes, thus helping to increase job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and improve productivity.”