Employer Recognition Awards

Celebrating our 25th Annual Employer Recognition Awards Program



The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and its Commuter Connections program invite you to apply for the 2022 Employer Recognition Awards.

Awards nominations are open to all private sector companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies within the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

The 2022 Online Nomination Form

2022 Nomination Form (PDF)

2022 Nomination Brochure (PDF)

Winners will be recognized at our esteemed awards ceremony to be held in late June 2022 in Washington, DC.

Commuter Connections encourages and assists area businesses and their employees with the adoption of alternative commuting methods such as transit, teleworking, carpooling/vanpooling, and bicycling/walking. These methods help to mitigate traffic congestion and provide for cleaner air through reduced auto emissions.

The Commuter Connections annual Employer Recognition Awards Ceremony recognizes employers who have initiated programs that facilitate the use of such alternatives. Eligible employer programs include those that market alternative commuting options, initiated a successful telework program, or provide incentives that make using alternative transportation modes easier and more attractive than driving alone. Applications are evaluated by a selection committee and winners are chosen for their ability to offer measurable commuter benefits that reduce automobile fuel consumption and emissions through fewer vehicle trips and miles traveled. In addition, winners are selected for their policies that improved the lives of their employees and the region.

Employer Awards Categories



Employers who offer commuter incentives to encourage and reward employees for taking alternative means of transportation; such as transit and vanpool subsidies, pre-tax benefits, and preferred or discounted parking for carpools and vanpools. Other incentives may include flex-time schedules, free shuttle service, or the provision of facilities and equipment such as bike racks, showers, and lockers.


Employers who champion the use of alternative transportation options by frequently promoting available commuter programs to employees in creative ways. With knowledge of the available transportation choices, employees are empowered to make well-informed decisions about better and smarter ways of getting to work.


Employers with telework policies that allow employees to work from home, or at a local telework or co-working center, one or more days per week. In addition, employers may have training for teleworkers and for management of teleworkers, internet reimbursement, laptops, software, and other equipment to make working remotely seamless.


Employers in the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia that have initiated, enhanced, or expanded an alternative commuter or telework program may apply for these awards.  To be eligible, programs must have been in place on or before January 1, 2021, as a year or more of a program in place provides a better opportunity to demonstrate successful, sustainable, and quantifiable impacts.

Nomination deadline is Monday, January 31, 2022.

Completed nominations should be submitted online or sent to:

Douglas Franklin
Commuter Connections
777 North Capitol St, NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002-4290
Phone: (202) 962-3792


Complete the online form below. Nominations should include all information requested in items 1-6. Supplemental materials may be submitted, but not in place of the questions on the nomination.  



IMPORTANT: Once you have completed entering your information, please click on “Submit Form” and after a pause, at the top of the form you’ll see the following message: “Your awards nomination form was successfully submitted. Thank you and good luck!”

Questions? Call 202-962-3792

Nomination Form

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