Self Help

For Employees

Ever wonder why you have  to work so hard to get to work? More and more commuters are discovering a  smarter way to work by teleworking. Rather than commuting to the office  everyday, they work at home or, at an area telework centers, Coworking center, Executive Office, or from an employer’s satellite office one or more days a week.To learn more  about how teleworking can improve your lifestyle, while keeping your boss  happy, please click here to download our employee help-guide. This  help-guide is designed to help individuals determine if telework is a suitable  option for them, and, if so, how to introduce or expand a telework program  within their organization. Topics include:

  • Telework Defined
  • What Telework is Not
  • Trends & Projections
  • Benefits
  • Is Teleworking for You?
  • Options
  • Equipment
  • Possible Distractions
  • Approaching Your Supervisor
  • Ready, Set, Go…
  • Successful Teleworking
  • What if You Get Turned Down?
  • Resources

The guide also includes a virtual tour of our Telework Centers, the services provided at the facility and related costs.

Nearly 675,000 Washingtonians are choosing to work from home or from Coworking or Telework centers throughout the metropolitan region.