‘Pool Rewards for Vanpools


‘Pool Rewards is a special incentive program available through Commuter Connections designed to encourage current drive alone commuters to start or join a vanpool.

Vanpooling is a popular and economical option for commuters traveling within the Washington Metropolitan region, particularly for long distance commuting.

It pays to rideshare!

If you drive alone to work and get a minimum total of seven people together (including yourself) who wish to start or join a new vanpool, you may qualify for a $200 monthly ‘Pool Rewards subsidy for your vanpool. Vans are available to accomodate between 7 and 15 total occupants (including the driver).

Eligible for newly-forming vanpools with at least seven commuters.

Previously existing vanpools are eligible too but only if they have not been in operation within 30 days prior to submitting a ‘Pool Rewards for vanpools application.

Participants must not have commuted via carpool, vanpool, transit, bicycle, walk more than four days in the 30 days prior to submitting a ‘Pool Rewards for vanpools application.

See Coverage Map for approved vanpool destination areas. Vanpool origins can be anywhere within the District of Columbia and the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Virginia origins are not eligible, just destinations..

Additional rules and restrictions apply, see full ‘Pool Rewards Participation Guidelines.

To start the ‘Pool Rewards vanpool registration process:

A. Get a group of commuters together to start or join a new vanpool. Commuter Connections or the participating vanpool companies below can assist with searching for vanpool partners.

B. Contact the vanpool provider – contact the authorized ‘Pool Rewards participating vanpool company below and their professional staff will make all the arrangements!

Enterprise Rideshare

Dayna Paszkiet
Commuting Consultant (301) 610-0800

More Funding may be available for Vanpoolers

Many companies provide vanpooling employees with a subsidy of up to $260 each month or the ability to enjoy up to $260 in monthly vanpool expenses on a pre-tax basis. Ask your Human Resources department.

Other programs that offer financial assistance to vanpools: