‘Pool Rewards for Carpools


Participation is open to solo drivers who begin carpooling during peak rush hour periods in the Metropolitan Washington Statistical Area*. Commuters who currently drive alone to work may be eligible for financial rewards when they agree to start or join a new carpool!

‘Pool Rewards is a program of Commuter Connections designed to encourage current drive alone commuters to try carpooling in the Washington region. If eligible you can earn $2 per day ($1 each way) for each day you carpool to work over a consecutive 90-day period as assigned by Commuter Connections. The maximum incentive for the 90-day trial period is $130 in exchange for going online and logging information about your new commute and for completing surveys about the experience.

Each new carpool must commute to work an average of two or more weekdays for the duration of the 90-day program. Applicants must not have used an alternative commute mode (i.e., carpool, vanpool, transit, bicycle, walk) more than three days in the 30 days prior to applying for ‘Pool Rewards. Other rules and limitations apply. Participants must fully read all guidelines before being considered and for participation.

How to sign up for ‘Pool Rewards

All ‘Pool Rewards participants must create an account with Commuter Connections, unless you already have one.

Review these three easy steps below to join ‘Pool Rewards.

1. Go to the welcome page and click the green SIGN UP button. If you already have an account with Commuter Connections, click the blue “LOG IN” button.

2. After creating your account select ‘Join Pool Rewards.

3. Next you are ready to register your ‘Pool Rewards carpool!

To start the ‘Pool Rewards carpool registration process, each new carpool first needs to have a “Primary Participant”. In order to be the Primary Participant, all you need to have is the name and email address for at least one potential carpool partner ready when registering. After identifying the other potential carpool member(s), the Primary Participant will be issued a six-digit carpool id number.

The Commuter Connections ‘Pool Rewards system will send an automated e-mail message to the other potential carpool member(s). This email will identify the Primary Participant that is looking to start the new carpool and will contain the carpool id # and a link inviting the person(s) to join the new carpool. Individuals agreeing to join the new carpool will need to have the carpool id # handy while joining up for ‘Pool Rewards online.

* Washington MSA as defined by the US Office of Management and Budget.