Commuter Testimonials

GRH_CMYK Danielle

Notes from real commuters who have used the free Guaranteed Ride Home service:


I wanted to thank your organization for your wonderful service, and what you do for the working community.  Your organization is a security blanket for people that have unexpected emergencies and need to get home, so I thank you.


Darrell Williams


Hi Commuter Connections!

I had been meaning to send a note of thanks for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. It is a wonderful service for commuters. I live in Charles County, in Southern MD and work in Washington, DC.

Monday through Friday, I park at a Park & Ride and take the Metrobus and Metrorail into work. Occasionally, I take the commuter bus into DC.

On May 7th, I received an email from my daughter’s school. She was ill, had been seen by the school nurse twice that day, and wasn’t improving. I received the email just a few minutes before 1:00pm. I checked the schedules for all of the buses and realized that after 12:55p, none of them would be heading southbound until after 3p!

One of the schedules provided information about the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. I called, and it worked just as advertised. The program is providing great peace of mind, especially to parents who like mass transit, but need the flexibility in an emergency.

Thank you!

Lucinda Rockemore

Hello! I just wanted to share that with GRH this past year I felt encouraged to commute. I never once drove into work despite having free parking at my place of employment. I used GRH 2 times when I had unscheduled over time and was grateful for the network. I think GRH does great work in solving the root problem to our NOVA gridlock, encouraging a community to ride share and use public transit is vital for the long term sustainability of the area. I think many avenues to make ride-sharing/public transit as a part of the public conscious for this area remains, but all good work is never ending. Best of luck and may the program continue to grow. Thank you for your hard work.

Maria N.

I’ve been a carpooler for a few years. Recently my 11 year old son became ill before school and my wife and I had already left for work.  My wife’s schedule would not permit her to return home and I was in the carpool and did not have a car that day.  I called Commuter Connections and advised the operator of my situation and requested a ride.  I ask how long should I expect until I am contacted.  She said about 15 minutes. Within five minutes I was called and I think within 20 minutes of saying goodbye to the operator I was picked up by the taxi and taken to my carpool location and was back to my home before 11:00 am.  I am truly impressed with the GRH service and very grateful that its offered.

Thank you,
Roxy Grossnickle

Today, for the first time I used the GRH trip program. I am so thankful for the service that was provided to me by you and Fairfax Yellow Cab (#269 in particular). It honestly gave me such a peace of mind, and possibly saved my house & property from harm, but I have to mention this one strange fact also. Immediately when I bolted into my house the radio was on and a Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home commercial was on (station 93.3 Fredericksburg).

Maureen Fiona Neary

Just wanted to thank you for excellent coverage on your part. On Thursday, November 14, 2013 my wife had a medical emergency and I had to get home immediately. GRH allowed me to leave within 20 minutes of contact. This kind of service is beyond the call of duty.  Kudos and thank you for assisting me and my family when we needed you.

Gerard (Jerry) LiVigni  

I love the GRH Program it is wonderful. Just recently (1/8/10) when my Dad got a call from Johns Hopkins that his compatible kidney had arrived. I was at work at a time when the commuter bus was not going to be running for another 2 hours. Since time was of the essence, I was able to call GRH and a cab was here in 15 minutes. It was wonderful! The cab driver was professional, courteous, and a lot more customer service minded then the late night guards on duty at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He spoke clearly and respectfully when communicating anything I needed to know. Thank you very much Commuter Connections for this GRH service, it was right there when I needed it.

Lavon Roxbury

I called yesterday and needed a ride home from work to Stafford, VA as I was experiencing an excruciating migraine (allergy to caffeine and apparently the decaf coffee I ordered – was not).  You helped me get home in under an hour and I cannot thank you enough.  Whoever answered my phone call was pleasant, understanding and above all compassionate!  The cab driver was fantastic and caring and made sure I was comfortable and all was quiet in the cab on the way home. I made it home before I embarrassed myself with all that goes on with a migraine and I cannot thank you enough.  That was my first time using your services and all I can do is keep thanking you over and over again. 

Kristin Weaver

Love this program. Thanks for the service. I think this is a wonderful program, even though I have only had to use it once in three years.  When you are sick and have to get home and you have no other means, this is a godsend.

Morgan Seuberling

“Your service is a life saver, performed with style and grace! You run a first class program, with professional and most helpful staff. They’ve saved my sanity on several occasions, and I am indebted. Thank you!”

Donna Pearman


“I signed up for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program about three months ago, never thinking that I would have to use it. Well, on Wednesday of last week I was sick and needed to go home. I must say, the program was extremely well run and hassle free.Your customer service representative was very courteous and efficient—even to the extent of telling me to “stay in the building because I was sick” and the cab company would call me when they arrived. I hope I never have to use it again, but it is nice to know it is there.” Thanks,

Edward G.


Richard Bock of Woodbridge, Virginia is a veteran of the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Over the past few years, he’s used the GRH service three times, twice to get home after unexpectedly working late at his job at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and once for a family emergency, after his son was in an automobile accident. According to Mr. Bock, the GRH program has given him “the peace of mind” to commute in his vanpool.


Loudoun County resident Lieutenant Colonel Bill Arrington takes the Loudoun commuter bus to his Army job on a daily basis. Recently his young son became ill and he needed to get home immediately. One call to the GRH program got him home quickly and the only cost he incurred was a tip to the taxi driver. The taxi fare itself and toll were covered by the program. In a thank you letter to Commuter Connections, Lt. Colonel Arrington describes himself as “…a satisfied customer”.


Anne Arundel County resident Evelyn McGovern, a daily MTA bus commuter, used the Guaranteed Ride Home program recently during a family crisis. Her elderly mother had taken a turn for the worse. As she worriedly called her sister wondering how to get home, a colleague handed her a GRH information card. She called Commuter Connections and explained the situation. Ten minutes later a taxi pulled up at her office.


Terri Kirby of Anne Arundel County travels to her U.S. Department of Agriculture job in Washington, DC on a MTA commuter bus with her seeing-eye dog, Gus. During a recent commute, Gus fell down, couldn’t walk and needed immediate veterinary attention. Terri remembered the Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home program and called for assistance. Minutes later, a taxi took her and Gus to the care he needed.