Flextime Rewards Program

The Commuter Connections Flextime Rewards program is available to commuters who are able and willing to commute during off-peak hours to avoid congestion along selected major corridors in the region.

Flextime programs allow employees at companies offering this option to adjust their arrival and departure times which is a proven way to reduce congestion at peak travel times. Employees can choose to work during their most productive hours.

Eligible commuters that register for the Flextime Rewards Program will receive notification of higher-than-average traffic congestion along the corridor on which they travel for work. Delaying your trip will enter you into a monthly prize drawing for a chance to win a cash prize from Commuter Connections!

Those with an existing Commuter Connections account can simply opt into the program by logging into their account and selecting the Flextime Rewards option on the right-hand side of the page.

New to Commuter Connections? Register here for the Commuter Connections Flextime Rewards program!

Eligible corridors include:

  • I-495 IL between VA-267 and I270 Spur
  • I-495 OL between I-95 and MD-193
  • I-66 EB at VA-267
  • DC-295 SB at Benning Rd.

Some restrictions apply. Click here to read the participation guidelines and see if your commute is eligible for participation!

Congratulations to our first Flextime Rewards winner! Kelly avoided traffic and won some cash!

Kelly Muffaletto

Here’s what Kelly had to say about the Flextime Rewards program:

“The online sign-up for Flextime Rewards was quick and easy. It was easy to adjust my departure time, check traffic, or adjust my route home to shorten my commute during heavier than normal traffic times. I have already recommended it to my friends—two already signed up!”