Bicycling Facts

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Washington Area Bicycling Facts:

According to the Commuter Connections 2013 State of the Commute Survey:

17% of all commuters live less than five miles from work. The average bike commute is 4.6 miles each way, and 22 minutes. The average number of days per week for bicycle commuting is 3.5. Rates of men and women who walk/bike as their primary commute mode are the same at 2%. Bike/walk as primary commute mode based on State of Residence: District of Columbia 10%, Maryland 1%, and Virginia 2%. Nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents said their employers offered support services for bicyclists and walkers, up from 17% in 2007. 82% of bicyclists are very satisfied with their commute, compared to 36% who drive alone.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ 2007-2008 Household Travel Survey:

  • 1% of work trips in the region are by bicycle, up from 0.7% in 1994.
  • The District of Columbia has the highest bike commute share at 3.3%, followed by Alexandria at 2.7%.
  • 30% of bike trips in the Washington region are to and from work.
  • There are more than 30,000 work-related bike trips in the Washington region everyday.

Bike to Work Day May 2010 Washington Region Event Survey

  • The Bike to Work Day event increases bicycle commuting- 17% of survey respondents said they never commuted by bicycle before participating in the annual event.
  • The Bike to Work Day event expands the frequency of bicycle commuting- 22% of survey respondents who commuted by bicycle previous to the event, said they started bicycling even more after particpating in the event.

Bicycle Counts

Bicycle Counts from automated counters on major trails and some streets in Arlington, Alexandria, the District of Columbia and Montgomery County can be found at, listed under “Biking in Arlington.” Using the Counter Dashboard, counts may be found by date, time period and more.