Bicycles and Transit

Bicycling can be an easy and inexpensive way to get to transit or park and ride lots. Listed below are the bike policies for area transit providers. Folding bikes are permitted on all transit services.

Bikes and Metro

Bicycles are allowed on Metrorail during off-peak hours. The only times you cannot take bicycles on Metrorail are weekdays between 7 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.; July 4th, or when a special event or holiday crowds the system. Board any car of the train, using either the first or last doors (not the center doors). Weekdays, two bicycles are allowed in any car; weekends/holidays four bicycles are allowed per car. Folding bicycles are also allowed on Metrorail at all times, however must be folded and securely fastened during peak hours.

All Metrobuses are fitted with bicycle racks on front, and bicycles are permitted on the racks at all times. Folding bicycles that remain folded and enclosed in a sturdy carrying bag or case are permitted aboard Metrobuses at all times.


Metrorail Bicycle Parking

Most Metrorail stations have bicycle racks and/or lockers. Racks are free and available on a first-come, first-served, basis. Lockers are generally the most secure storage devices and are rented by the year.   See which metro stations have racks or lockers. All locker rentals cost $120 per year, and are subject to availability. To rent a locker at a Metrorail station call 202-962-1116, or send an email providing your name, address, contact phone number, email address, and station of interest to

Maryland Transit Administration

Bicycles are permitted on all MTA Light Rail and Metro subway trains except on crowded trains. Bicycle racks are equipped on all MTA buses. Most Metro subway and Light Rail stops have bicycle racks and some have lockers. For more information call (410) 767-8749.

Metro Bike & Ride Facility

Located at College Park – U of MD station. Park and retrieve your bike 24 hours a day by inserting your BikeLink™ card which can be ordered online or by calling 888-540-0546. Rates are 5 cents per hour 8 am – midnight, and 2 cents/hour at all other times. No additional recurring fees. The facility is equipped with security cameras.

Baltimore Metro Subway, Light Rail, and Bus

Bicycles are permitted on all MTA light  Rail and Metro subway trains except on crowed trains. Bicycle racks are equipped on all MTA buses. Most Metro subway and Light Rail stops have bicycle racks and some have lockers. For more information call (410) 767-3999.

Commuter Rail

Standard size folding bicycles are allowed on MARC Trains; and most stations have bicycle parking. Select weekend Penn Line trains have designated “bike car” to enable full-size, non collapsible bicycles to be brough on the trains. This car has 16 spaces for bicycles and seating adjacent to the bike racks, which feature tie downs and other safety apparatus. Bike car spaces are provided on a first-come served basis. For more information (800) 325-RAIL, Virginia Railway Express permits folding bikes on all trains and full size bikes on the last three northbound/southbound trains and on midday trains. Two bicycles are allowed on the north car and must be tethered to bench seats using a bungee cord. For more information 800 RIDE-VRE,

Local Buses

Bicycle racks are mounted on the front of Montgomery County Ride On, Fairfax Connector, Frederick TransIT, DC Circulator, and Arlington Transit buses. Each rack holds two bikes. Let the bus driver know you will be using the rack, then follow the instructions posted on the front of the rack.

Park-and-Ride Lots

Many area Park-and-Ride Lots have bicycle racks and some have lockers. 27% have some form of bicycle parking facilities.

For bicycle lockers at Virginia Park & Ride lots call (703) 383-2233.  For a map and listing of Park-and-Ride lots in the Washington Metropolitan region, visit the Commuter Connections Park and Ride lot page.. For more information contact the appropriate county rideshare office or call Commuter Connections at (800)-745-RIDE  

What if I need to get home in an emergency?

The Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides emergency rides home to people who bicycle or take other alternative transportation to work twice a week in the Washington/Baltimore metro areas. Register at Some restrictions apply.


How to encourage your employer to support bicycling to work

You’re now well versed in the ways of bike commuting, but you would like to see a few changes at your office to assist you and your colleagues who might like to bike to work. Here are a few ideas: