Metro Fares Won’t Increase This Year, But Service Cuts Still Possible

Metro will not raise fares or make “substantial” cuts to bus and rail service during its next fiscal year, the WMATA board announced this afternoon. In a draft budget, Metro proposed increasing rail and bus fares by 10 cents, eliminating late-night rail service on Fridays and Saturday, and getting rid of bus trips and routes that serve a low (but unspecified) number of riders.

Metro: System safe despite smoke incidents

Metro now says there was a sudden release of electric current at the Woodley Park station this past Saturday, which was the result of a high voltage cable shorting out on a rail car. “That caused the arc flash and the resulting bang” heard by riders, according to Metro Deputy General Manager Rob Troup. He said a loose rivet “probably wore the insulation down on the cable,” leading to the short. It happened on a 3000 series car, and Troup says those cars have since been checked for potential wiring issues.

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