SafeTrack Plan


SafeTrack is a massive, comprehensive effort to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate Metrorail system on accelerated basis by expanding ALL available maintenance windows. The accelerated plan will accomplish 3 years worth of work in approximately 1 year by extending track-work hours to weeknights, weekends, midday hours and during certain rush hours — both above ground and in tunnels. During this time, line segment shutdowns of less than one month.

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Surge Schedule

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WEEKNIGHT: Expand maintenance time by allowing crews to start at 8PM on weeknights (adds 2 hours of productive time nightly)

MID-DAYS: Conduct certain types of maintenance between AM and PM rush hours 10AM-3PM Mon-Fri

WEEKENDS: Expand weekend maintenance by closing system at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights (adds 6 hours/week). • Midnight closings will start Friday, June 3. (Last 3 a.m. closing Saturday, May 28.)

MORATORIUM ON EXTENDED HOURS: Avoid deferring/rescheduling maintenance by placing a one-year moratorium on new requests for early openings or late closings. Will reevaluate once system is in state of good repair.

SAFETY SURGES: Maximize efficiency of work that requires long-duration outages through continuous single tracking or line-segment shutdowns where buses replace trains.

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June 17 – June 25  Shutdown of a five mile segment from Shady Grove to Twinbrook