Commuter Connections, is a program coordinated  by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Originally established to help area commuters find rides to work, Commuter Connections also has information posted on this web site for employees who are intersted in finding out more about teleworking.

Let’s #TeleworkDC Sweepstakes!
Commuter Connections and Clean Air Partners are teamed up to reward $50 gift cards to several lucky Washington Metro DC workers that posted about their teleworking experience. The contest took place March 2014 during National Telework Week. Winners were chosen at random.


Join us and other teleworkers on Commuter Connection’s Telework Facebook Page

facebook logoDID YOU KNOW? 25% of the Washington Metropolitan region’s workforce teleworks at least 1.3   days a week on average.  Interested in teleworking?  Click on the ‘Self-Help”   tab  to find out how to “Keep the Job and Lose the Commute.” Telework Poster