Bicycle Routing

Interested in bicycling but need help figuring out the best route to take? Commuter Connections offers turn-by-turn bicycle routing directions using bicycle-friendly paths and roads. Click here to access the bicycle routing website.

Other Bicycle Routing Sites

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Just like driving directions tell you the best route to travel by automobile, the bicycle routing website can help you get from point A to point B using bicycle-friendly paths and roads. Users have the option of choosing the ‘Safest Route’ which places increased emphasis on using bicycle paths (where available) or ‘Shortest Route’ which gives preference to roadways with speed limits of 30mph or below. The recommended route will display on a map along with turn-by-turn directions.

This website is a beta version. The routing system does not necessarily reflect all available bicycle facilities. It may take several minutes for the system to determine the optimal route. Please read the disclaimer location on the left hand side of the search results page before using the recommended directions.