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D.C. might be large enough to support commuter ferries, says study

The greater D.C. region’s dream of a marine highway may be one step closer, thanks to a study that finds there may be a big enough market for commuter ferries.

What effect do tolls have on I-66 after six months?

Six months after expanded HOV hours and tolls for solo drivers on Interstate 66 began, new data shows mixed results for the system, with some trips slower now than the same time a year earlier.

Capital Bikeshare Launched in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County officials launched its Capital Bikeshare operation Friday at the Wayne K. Curry Administration Building in Largo.

Are dockless bikeshare systems changing Washington’s biking culture?

The new dockless bike-share companies that have taken off in the District are attracting a different kind of customer than the traditional Capital Bikeshare system: Their riders are more racially diverse, slightly younger and less affluent, according to transportation officials and an academic review of…

Are I-66 tolls promoting transit use?

Interstate 66 tolls were supposed to drive more people to carpool or take transit, but six months in, there is no solid data on whether that effort is working.