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Bike to Work day organizers aim for more diversity

On Friday, May 20, organizers of Bike to Work Day are expecting one thousand more riders than last year to get in gear.  This year, the number of sponsored pit stops has expanded throughout the region to 83.

New Va. transportation projects support biking, walking to work

New alternative transportation projects in Virginia will allow more residents to bike to Metro stations, walk to work and have safer routes to school.

In D.C., a push to halt pedestrian traffic deaths

Drivers must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. But, immediately, two did not. Many others would also get pulled over in the Monday afternoon traffic sting.

Metro board chairman says smoke incidents could happen again

“Metro has serious problems — the infrastructure, the maintenance, the finances,” said Metro Board Chairman and D.C. Councilman Jack Evans. “If we do nothing, if we don’t address this, then it will continue to have problems. The system is wearing out. As it wears out,…

Metro sank into crisis despite decades of warnings

Metro’s failure-prone subway — once considered a transportation jewel — is mired in disrepair because the transit agency neglected to heed warnings that its aging equipment and poor safety culture would someday lead to chronic breakdowns and calamities.