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2,000 Miles Of Bicycle, Pedestrian Projects Recommended By Regional Planners

Thousands of miles of bike lanes and pedestrian pathways are planned for the Washington region over the next several decades. The aim is to get people out of their cars and onto bikes or walking paths for the many short trips they make each day.

Parking Prices in D.C. Could Soon Be Based on Supply and Demand

Parking prices in the Penn Quarter and Chinatown neighborhoods will soon fluctuate based on how many parking spaces are available in the area. The Department of Transportation announced today that it would launch a pilot program in 2015.

Expect heaviest Thanksgiving traffic since 2007

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving weekend? You are so not alone. AAA Mid-Atlantic says that this coming holiday — always the heaviest weekend of the year for travel — will see the most travelers since 2007.

Study looks at best, worst Thanksgiving getaway times

Has Tuesday overtaken Wednesday as the worst getaway day before Thanksgiving? A study by the region’s Transportation Planning Board staff suggests that the answer, broadly speaking, is yes. But your individual results may vary.

Uber Seeks Changes To Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Bill

Uber is lobbying to change proposed legislation designed to increase the paltry number of wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in Washington, because the bill could “place excessive regulatory burdens on private vehicle-for-hire companies,” a spokesman for the tech company said.