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How many structurally deficient bridges are in your county?

Bridges are rated by a sufficiency rating that is an overall measure based on inspector ratings of many aspects of the bridge’s top deck and underlying structure.

DC Traffic Congestion Ranks Sixth Worst in US, 15th Worst in World

Commuters in the Washington, D.C., area experience traffic woes practically every work day, and a new study confirmed what those commuters likely know. D.C. traffic is among the worst in the country.

Metro Safety Report Outlines Problems, Solutions to Prevent Injuries

A safety report issued by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority showed an increase in injuries to bus passengers and injuries to MetroRail customers using the escalators. The report for the year 2016 also outlined actions the agency took to reduce the instances of injuries…

Latest Figures Show SafeTrack’s Severe Impact On Metro Ridership

Metrorail ridership continued its steep decline over the last part of 2016, driven largely by the disruptive SafeTrack reconstruction program, according to documents prepared for the transit authority’s board of directors. The new financial figures will be discussed at a public meeting on Thursday.

What do Northern Virginians want most from government? Relief from traffic congestion

Northern Virginia is home to savvy commuters whose knowledge of transportation issues in the region has grown dramatically since 2015, according to a new survey released Wednesday by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.