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Dockless bike, scooter firms clash with U.S. cities over regulations

The U.S. experiment with dockless bike and scooter sharing is at a crossroads, with operators and cities struggling to find a balance between governments’ need to regulate the services without stifling the companies’ ability to make money.

With two weeks of single-tracking and shutdowns, agency urges riders to ditch the system

Metro launches a track reconstruction project Saturday that will shutter part of the Blue Line, initiate round-the-clock single-tracking on the Orange and Silver lines, and close two busy downtown stations on two weekends.

Ten Days In August: Blue, Orange, Silver Line Metro Riders Need To Plan Ahead For Construction And Delays

The word “disruption” comes to us from an old Latin word that means to “break apart.” That could happen to your schedule, plans and rush-hour commute during the nail-biting and excruciating service disruptions on three major Metro lines over a ten-day period.

Bicyclists rally for increasing safety measures on D.C. roads

D.C. cycling activists are renewing calls for road safety in light of a rash of recent accidents.

Here we go again: 45-day Red Line shutdown brings flashbacks of SafeTrack

Red Line commuters, you have been warned: On Saturday, Metro launched a 45-day shutdown between Fort Totten and NoMa stations, one of the biggest disruptions to the system since the conclusion of the SafeTrack maintenance project last year.