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I-95 HOT lanes offering incentive to get more E-ZPass drivers

Since the 95 Express Lanes probably will open in December, the lane operators are interested in preparing their base of potential customers. That means making sure that as many drivers as possible have E-ZPass transponders.  

5 D.C. area transportation projects to watch

Anyone looking on a map for the Washington area’s outer beltway, the western bypass or the D.C.-Baltimore Maglev finds out that the transportation projects that people buzz about aren’t necessarily the ones that get built.  

Why one taxi app is leaving D.C.

Hailo, a London-based taxi app that last year sought to break into the D.C. market with a regulator-friendly approach, is pulling out of D.C. and all of North America. The decision, reflects the steep marketing budget needed to compete with dominant e-hailers Uber and Lyft

Metro needs 3,000 riders to test new fare system

Metro is looking for a few good riders to test out a new fare system. The new system will accept payments from contactless credit cards and mobile phones directly at the turnstile, in addition to traditional farecards.  

College Park residents, UM students reimagine Route 1

College Park residents and students at the city’s University of Maryland gathered Saturday to brainstorm a more pedestrian-friendly U.S. Route 1 – with music-filled gazebos, tree lined-sidewalks and a grocery store.