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Getting there: Slugs and Express Lanes make an odd but nice couple

It makes perfect sense, but the growing synergy between the Interstate 95 express lanes and slugs has created one odd couple. On the one hand, there is the strictly managed I–95 toll system. On the other hand, there is the unofficial commuter group that runs…

Maryland Senate Approves Bill To Raise Speed Limit On Some Roads

The Maryland senate Thursday morning gave final approval to a bill that would allow the speed limit to rise from 65 to 70 miles per hour on certain roads. The bill is the first measure to hit the floor of the Senate to see any…

I-66 Toll Lanes Proposal Gets Stamp Of Regional Planners

Virginia’s plans to add HOT lanes — toll lanes where HOV-3 carpoolers ride free — to I-66 inside and outside the Beltway were approved by regional planners on Wednesday to be included in a key air quality study, a prerequisite for making it to the…

NTSB calls for subway tunnel audit after DC smoke death

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling for a nationwide audit of public transit systems that operate trains in tunnels after a recent fatal smoke incident on the Washington, D.C. Metrorail system.

Metro failed to notify fire officials that radio alarms weren’t working

Metro knew for years that a federally funded alarm system that warns of out­ages in its emergency response radio network didn’t work properly in subway tunnels, but the agency never told the fire officials who depend on the equipment, senior emergency responders said.