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Will the ‘rethinking’ of the Washington region’s bus network lead anywhere?

Bus ridership in the Washington region is down — and there is no sign of recovery as riders’ confidence in the public transportation system continues to wane and other options, including ride sharing, bike sharing, and scooters, become more widely available.

Metro GM: No fare increases or service cuts in next year’s budget as focus turns to customer service, workplace culture

Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld will not propose fare increases or more service cuts for the coming fiscal year, he said Tuesday, and will instead focus on improving customer service and workplace culture to help boost flagging ridership and revenue.

Google’s Waze expands carpooling service throughout US

Google will begin offering its pay-to-carpool service throughout the U.S., an effort to reduce the commute-time congestion that its popular Waze navigation app is designed to avoid.

Are tolls making a difference for I-66 traffic?

Interstate 66 slowed at the height of the morning rush hour this August compared to last but was faster at other times covered by tolls and HOV rules that expanded last December.

Metro watchdog prepares to handle rider safety

Metro’s newest safety watchdog has “aggressive teeth,” a multimillion-dollar budget and a full staff in anticipation of the federal government ceding it oversight of the regional transit system, officials say.