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More bikes on the roadways means more tickets for cyclists, right?

There are more bicycles on D.C. streets these days, so it makes sense that that would translate into more traffic citations for bicyclists, right? Not really.  At least, that’s what D.C. Police statistics suggest.  So far this year, police have issued 63 tickets to bicyclists…

Higher-capacity Metro buses coming to busy corridors

WASHINGTON — If you drive near DuPont Circle, you may have noticed a long line of people waiting for the bus. It’s a daily sight and a daily problem.

D.C.’s New Circulator Buses Could Look Like This

City buses typically have a life span of 12 years, and the oldest of the District’s fleet of Circulator buses, purchased in 2003, are nearing their end.

Few takers for free bike-share memberships in Montgomery County

Capital Bikeshare has a program to help lower-income residents join the regional program, but hardly any have.When Capital Bikeshare stations came to Montgomery County, a federally funded program to provide free memberships to low-income riders came with it.

Riders Balk As Metro Fares Increase 3 Percent On Average

Fares went for passengers on Metro on Sunday. The fare is up an average of 3 percent or about 10 cents per trip. Short trips of 3 miles or less rise from $1.70 to $1.75 during off-peak times and from $2.10 to $2.15 during rush…